The problem

Compliance Requirements


  • Company policies and standards
  • Statute – acts and regulations
  • International and regional standards
  • Local licenses and agreements
  • Site (company) rules
All of this adds up to complex requirements and large volumes of information to comply and be aware of.


  • Conflicting requirements
  • Multiple similar (but different) management plans
  • Limited site resources to meet requirements

Risk analysis

  • Generates listing of potential causes of harm and controls to prevent serious outcomes (risks).
  • P2B can maintain controls supported by reference material and sustaining actions
  • All active clauses of all instruments mapped to the various controls
  • Controls tied to sustaining actions Actions that escalate responses through the organisation Reports available on actions status and close out approaches Dynamic management plans prepared based on the controls in place to address the issue (or statutory requirement) Optional output as “traditional” management plans in MS Word format.
Real time auditing and health checks of your systems